Bootcamp FAQS

Jumpjet is a platform for helping jdevs prepare for job interviews. We pair them up with experienced developers and conduct life-like technical interviews, and at the end of the interview we do a feedback session to give the jdevs advice on their strengths and weaknesses and how to improve.

Jumpjet sessions are $59 USD* for a 60 minute session, which includes a tailored interview session and comprehensive feedback.

*Pricing for bulk purchases is negotiable.

Jumpjet’s ultimate goal is to help prepare junior developers to secure employment. To this end we provide feedback on a combination of technical skills and soft-skills – because sometimes a very good programmer is being held back by presentation or confidence.

Jumpjet has a team of professional developers working in a wide variety of popular languages. Each Jumpjet interviewer is added to the team only after passing a vetting process & interview, to ensure a high quality of language skills (both coded & spoken).

Every Jumpjet interview follows the following format:


  1. Introduction
  2. ‘Getting to know the candidate’ questions
  3. Initial Technical Questions
  4. Whiteboarding exercises
  5. Feedback session


Because we interview candidates across a variety of languages (JavaScript to Ruby to databases like MySQL), the format is tailored appropriately. A jdev who is aiming to become a database engineer will not be asked questions about HTML, for example.

We deliver a session that goes for between 1 hour and 1 and a half hours. We also go through the junior developer’s resume and add improvements where we see fit (if necessary). The end of each interview is a feedback session where we provide them with actionable insight, and we also provide a set of resources for them to strengthen any areas that we’ve identified as needing improvement. Lastly, if the junior developer’s consent to it we record the session and share the video with them for further review.

Jumpjet lives and dies based upon the perception of the interviewee. If they finish a Jumpjet session feeling confident about what they know and what they need to improve, then that is successful. If they finish the interview feeling confused and with less confidence, that is unsuccessful.

We ensure that – no matter the skill level of the junior developer – they finish the session feeling confident & motivated by providing them with rich, actionable feedback on the things they have done well and the things they need to improve. We build on this foundation by providing the junior developer with resources that will help guide them in the right direction to help them achieve their dream of becoming a professional developer.

The benefit of having each session recorded is that we can review the recording to ensure that the interviewer has followed the correct format and treated the interviewee with respect (and vice versa). If an interviewee makes a complaint, we can review the session and make an appropriate decision.

Sometimes the call quality isn’t perfect, or someone’s internet drops out. If that is the case, we will first try to reschedule the call, and if that isn’t possible, we will refund the payment.

No, we are only selling the interview sessions. Your students do an interview with us and get practice, feedback and resume improvements, that’s all.

With a 1 week lead-in we can comfortably do up to 30 calls per week for your bootcamp.