How Much Does a Jumpjet Session Cost?

Jumpjet sessions are $50 USD for a session, which includes a tailored interview session, recording, and comprehensive written feedback & suggestions for improvement.

Which Payment Methods are Accepted?

At the moment Jumpjet accepts Stripe so that you can book sessions with Credit and Debit Card.

What If I Want a Refund?

We hope you won’t need it! But if for any reason you feel that the interview format or interviewer wasn’t up to the standards that you expected, then you can contact us with your session ID and we will review the session. If we find that the interviewer didn’t deliver what was expected you will receive a full refund within 2 - 3 business days.

What Are Your Plans for the Future?

We have plans to expand the number of languages & technologies that we support. We will also continually work on improving the robustness of our video & collaborative coding environments. If you have any suggestions send us an email: ideas@jumpjet.io - if we like your idea and plan on integrating it we’ll be happy to reward you!

How Is Jumpjet Different from Code Mentor & Hack Hands?

Any tool that helps developers get feedback and avoid that old ‘banging head on desk for 3 hours’ thing is great :) With Jumpjet, we plan to focus very specifically on front-end developers and a formatted interview and feedback process that will offer a metric & profile that you can share with potential employers (and that we can share with your permission). If you are just looking for a developer to walk you through a problem or help you with an issue on a project then we wholeheartedly recommend Hackhands, CodeMentor or any other quality p2p dev help website on the net!

Why Is It Called Jumpjet?

All of the “code” names were taken. Lol, that is actually kind of true, but there’s a little more to it than that. As a kid I loved watching documentaries about the Harrier Jump Jet - a military aircraft in the class known as V/STOL - they can literally take off vertically or with a very short takeoff - ideal for aircraft carriers and improvised bases. The idea of achieving flight with a short takeoff perfectly matches with what Jumpjet is all about - helping junior developers launch their careers quickly :)

Who Will Interview Me?

We have built a team of seasoned coders who have passed our own quality control interviews, ensuring that they have the qualifications & experience to run a life-like technical interview.

What If I Don't Like the Interviewer?

Haha..well, sometimes in the real world the people interviewing you won't always be Michael Cera. Still - if you have a serious problem with the interviewer then you can contact us and we'll conduct a full review.

Will I Be Offered a Job?

We hope so! If you are looking to secure an internship or front-end developer position then you've come to the right place :) We have relationships with top tech companies looking for up-and-coming junior developers.