Share Your Goals

Becoming a better coder with Jumpjet begins by requesting a session and sharing some information about your current level of skill, your experience and the type of job (or internship) that you're looking for. We use that information to filter through our team of Jumpjet Devs to find the right match for your current skillset and coding goals.

Start a Session

We'll set up a session between you and and a Jumpjet Dev. The session is tailored specifically to the type of job or internship that you're looking for - and if you're a complete beginner, the session will be an in-depth round of suggestions and recommendations to make sure you learn the right way from the beginning.

Jumpjet sessions include rigorous practice interviews that have been created to test you in lifelike situations - by putting yourself in those situations you're gaining a head start on any other candidate.

Get Feedback on How to Improve

At the end of each Jumpjet interview there is a round of feedback that includes quantitative and qualitative metrics, such as your strengths in a particular framework, knowledge of the core mechanics of JS or your understanding of the principles of CSS layouts, for example.

Level Up & Get the Job You Want

Our Jumpjet Devs will close out the sessions by providing you with recommendations for improving your weaknesses as quickly and efficiently as possible. You'll receive a certificate via email that includes your overall rating, plus a reference of your interview from the Jumpjet Dev that you can add to your resume when applying for jobs & internships.

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